A liquid level sensor helps in detecting the level of fluids

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The force of gravity makes all liquids level themselves up when poured into any container or storing body. A liquid level sensor is used to detect the level of water or any other substance which flows (liquids and powder). This level can be measured for water contained in water bodies or any liquid stored in containers. Continuous level sensors determine the level of the whole volume of liquid present in a particular place whereas point level sensors tell you the level of liquid present above the point till which the sensor is immersed. A water level sensor is used for measuring only the level of water.

The liquid level sensor may serve a variety of purposes. The most important purpose it serves is in the field of automobile engineering. In vehicles, a liquid level sensor is used so as to detect the level of fuel in the engine and the change in the level is also monitored. The optimal level for measuring these liquid levels may vary according to physical and application variables. The criteria for selecting the level may depend on physical status of the fluid, density, temperature, mechanical shock, size and shape of container and many others.

A water level sensor, as the name might suggest, is made to suit the purpose of measuring the level of water in any container or water body. Water level sensors are used to avoid wastage at any process plant. The presence of these devices in tanks prevents overflow as the switch turns off the water supply if the level is too high. Wear and tear inside a tank is avoided by detecting the level of water inside it. Often it may so happen that the tank may run dry. The presence of a water level sensor prevents such an occurrence.

Point level detectors of liquid levels may be divided into three main categories - pneumatic level sensor, float level sensor and conductive level sensor. Continuous level measurements of the liquid level are carried out by resistive chain level sensors, magnetostrictive level sensors, hydrostatic pressure level sensors, gamma ray gauge and the air bubbler. All the different kinds of liquid level sensor or the water level sensor operate on different principles. These sensors find application in different realms. For example, the gamma ray sensor or the nuclear level gauge is used to measure the level of molten steel during the process of steel making. Air bubblers are used in measurement of liquids or water which is present at atmospheric pressure in open tanks.  This kind has proved effective where microwave, ultrasonic or float techniques have proved futile.

There are a wide variety of liquid level sensors and water level sensors available in the market today. Before availing any random product, it is best to know more about it and choose the best as per recommendations.

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A liquid level sensor helps in detecting the level of fluids

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This article was published on 2011/02/14