Blood Sugar Level - Normal Readings

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Monitoring the blood sugar level is important for diabetics; this must be done on regular basis. The best way to check blood sugar levels is with the help of chart.

Glucose is the prime fuel that body uses for producing energy. Just like any automobile the body is unable to work properly without fuel. The chart which you will see in this article will be of great help for diabetics as it will aid the diabetics to check when any problem take place and to know the pattern of blood sugar levels. The patterns will enable them to have a better understanding about the impact of different food groups on their sugar levels. It is critical to know the effect of different types of events, activities, food groups and medications on glucose level.

One must work closely with his physicians to meet his goals. It is good if the doctor gives you a meter tool to keep the track of your blood sugar levels. Or otherwise you can take your own meter so that you can become familiar with how to use it in a proper manner.

Blood Sugar Level Normal Readings

Having the glucometer in your hand and checking the sugar level is not all. The diabetic must know the ideal blood glucose levels at different times of the day for proper monitoring and management of the diabetes

1) The blood glucose level must be between 80mg/dl and 120mg/dl on waking up and before eating anything.

2) Before meals the level must also be between 80mg/dl and 120mg/dl.

3) Two hours after eating the level can be anything below 170mg/dl.

4) Before dinner again it should be something between 80mg/dl and 120mg/dl

5) The ideal level before going to bed is between 100mg/dl and 140mg/dl.

6) During fasting the best level is between 70mg/dl and 100mg/dl.

Above is a chart of blood sugar level normal readings. The numbers here will help you to give a fair idea about normal blood glucose levels.

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Blood Sugar Level - Normal Readings

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This article was published on 2010/03/31