Level a Warlock - How to Level a Warlock Fast?

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Got a warlock as your World of Warcraft character? And you are looking for the best way to level a warlock very quickly? Well, in order to level your wow character very fast, you should keep in mind 3 things. Your leveling build, the quests and the leveling area's.

Level A Warlock With The Right Talent Build

When you want to level your warlock very quickly, you should go affliction. If you combine this with siphon life and your Voidwalker pet, then you should be able to do some mass destruction on the mobs.

You dot all enemies up with curse of agony and corruption, give them all a siphon life, and you drain their life. This way, you take lots of damage, but you will also restore lots of health because of siphon life. This is a very good boost for your experience gainings.

Level A Warlock With The Right Quests

With this I mean that you have to accept only the good quests, and decline the bad quests. With other words... You should accept all quests that have to do with gathering and killing because those quests aren't really that time consuming.

But, you have to decline the quests which will take you 15 minutes or longer because they send you from here, to there. This is a waste of time and you should definitely decline those "garbage" quests.

And the last but not least...

Level A Warlock By Going To The "Good" Area's Only

An important thing to watch are the area's where you want to go when you want to level your character. You'll have to watch 3 things when doing this.

The distance - How long does it take for you to go from south, to north?

The quests - Are the enough quests to get you a couple of levels up?

The mobs - Is it just too crowded? Are you getting dazed each time when you are hit by a creature? I know that you definitely don't want too much mobs crossing your path... Trust me...

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3 Things To Level A Warlock... But How To Notice It?

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Level a Warlock - How to Level a Warlock Fast?

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This article was published on 2010/03/27